Tuesday, 18 June 2013

4: The Bomb Lives Only As It Is Falling - Mr Flash365

She didn’t stop to think, she just leapt from her chair.
                 That was what the witnesses said.

I can’t believe she did it. It’s just not like her.
                 That was what her sister said.

She was very quiet, what with being wobbly on her pegs, you know? We barely saw her.
                 That was what the neighbours said.

She was a mother of four, grandmother of six. Nothing more than an ageing housewife.
                 That was what the papers said.

She came out of nowhere. She saved my life.
                 That was what the security guard said.

Without her, he would have got away with a little over half a million.
                 That was what the bank manager said.

She shouldn’t’ve bin there. It should’ve bin the fucker with the cash.
                 That was what the gunman said.

She died from massive blood-loss due to gunshot trauma.
                 That was what the coroner said.

She was my wife, and she was always a hero to me.
                 That was what her husband said.

Now. Now is my time. At last, my time to act.
                 That was what she thought.

[The title is taken from 'Zakalwe's Song', the poem at the end of Use of Weapons by Iain M Banks. ]

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