Friday, 21 June 2013

6: If Only, Frank

It would have been alright for Frank, if only it hadn’t happened like that.  If only the lights hadn’t changed and the cars hadn’t got split up as they went through.  If only the sun wasn’t in his eyes.  If only the cat hadn’t scratched Marian’s leg so deeply.  If only the stocks hadn’t risen quite that far.  If only they had picked the bigger dog.  If only Frank had been in the 40% who could smell it.  If only being number 5 in the world was enough.  If only the concrete hadn’t dried quite so quickly, before she was able to smooth out the marks.  If only the red hadn’t glowed quite so brightly.  If only the guy looked less like Bernard Cribbins and more like Dennis O’Leary.  And the worst thing was Frank knew exactly what that would mean but not exactly who for.

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