Friday, 21 June 2013

7: A Frank Exchange of Views

“It’s all the fault of this government of ours, Frank.  They don't give a damn about the average working man.  Or the oldies or the kids.  None of the people the welfare state was set up to care for.  All just chucked on the scrap heap, that’s what it feels like.”

“Yeah it’s OK saying that, Frankie, but what about those who can't be bothered to try for things, eh?  Why should I have to work hard, spent 10 hours a day slaving my guts out so some lazy B can stay in bed and set his family on fire when he doesn't get his own way?”

“Steady on, you can’t lump everyone in together like that.  My son’s best mate Franc, he’s been hunting for work for months, not got so much as an interview.  How does that make a man feel do you reckon?  He’s got a young kiddie too, and he can’t even buy her proper Christmas presents.  He had to go to London and work for nothing at the Olympics.  They made him sleep under a bridge.”

“How many people would have given their right arm for a chance to be at the Olympics every day, Frankie?  You can’t pay for an experience like that and he probably got a free uniform out of it too.  Stick on eBay at the end of it, did he?”

“It’s alright for you Frank, your father starting you off in the family business, then your whole life falling into place.  Bet you go private for those teeth of yours, eh?  Some people are too poor to even have teeth these days.”

“Give over with you.  Course they do.”

“Not if you’re on minimum wage and you need £50 for a filling and it’s a choice between food or heating or your face.  So they end up drilling into their own teeth to stop the pain.  We see it all the time down the pub.”

“Really?  You’ve really seen a load of people who drilled into their teeth themselves because they can’t afford a dentist Frankie?”

“Well, not a load.  But I heard about a bloke who had a cousin who knew someone who did it.  It’ll be everyone before long, you mark my words.”

“Maybe if they can all afford an electric drill they should start doing odd jobs for people.  Earn a bit of money.  Let me get you to a drink Frankie.

“Fuck off, Frank.”

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